My girlfriend Sharon wants to know... Why can't she just eat broccoli and get her fiber there? 


It has to do with short chain molecules and the proprietary processing. You could eat broccoli for breakfast lunch and dinner, I suppose, but you have to consider... A piece of broccoli is like 3 grams-ish. Then if it's cooked, less. How long ago was it picked? How long was it on the truck? Etc etc... In the Bible days/diets were all local growers. Subtract our last hundred years off of history and look how people ate compared to now and ask yourself... Am I getting the most honest and most nutritious food intake available? All I know is, our fiber gets you proper & consistent intake. If Sharon is doing ALL the right things ALL the time and she is healthy, then she may not need it. 

Your packaging says to use room temperature water, foods or other warm beverages. What happens if I decide to use cold water from the refrigerator?


You can use cold water but it just takes a bit longer to dissolve. In room temperature water it dissolves right before your eyes. Several people use the cold water and shake it up or stir more than they would need to if the water was at room temperature. 


What is the difference between Microbefiber and other grocery store brands?



I am very pleased to have this question as THIS is one of our greatest advantages... Microbefiber doesn't have additives. Whether it's aspartame, fillers or flavoring, other brands have additives. Microbefiber has NO additives! Plus, ours is more concentrated than theirs due to our proprietary manufacturing method. There is NO contest! Try ours and you will see the difference!


Does a person 100lbs consume the same amount as a person 300lbs?


Yes take the same amount because your gut bacteria and gut ecology requires the same intensity of focus regardless of body weight. 


Is it FDA approved? 


The contents of the package are designated by the FDA as GRAS. GRAS is the FDA designation that a substance added to food is considered safe by experts and so is exempted from the usual Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA).


How is it made? 


Fiber is a building block and regardless of the vegetable host its extracted from, proprietary processing is the key to MicrobeFiber's success.  Ours is roasted, not chemically produced like the others. We use corn because it responds well to the roasting process. Our fiber is highly concentrated and 100% pure.                                                                                                          


Does it come in just one flavor? Is there any taste to it? 


It has no taste or flavor. It also has no additives which could influence taste. Someone with extremely sensitive taste buds might say there's a blandness present but no real detectible taste. This is why MicrobeFiber can be added to so many foods and drinks. It doesn't have or affect taste!


Have you ever given thought to having it packaged in individual serving packets which would be easier for travel? 


Yes and you can find single serves in our store!


Do you take it 3 times a day (one scoop each time) or all three scoops at once and does it make any difference as long as you get a total of 3 scoops a day?


We recommend spreading it out throughout the day. If you have one of those days where you only get 10 grams in the morning, you can play catch up and take 20 at night but don't make a habit of it. Allow your body to have consistency. 


What if I don't get the recommended daily 30 grams?


Obviously some is better than none. Here's what we know... The clinical trials were conducted using 27 grams per day which netted the best results. You need to follow the 30 gram daily recommendation because it takes that much to kill the bad bacteria in your gut. Eliminating bad gut bacteria is where the health benefits come from.