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Success Stories

Hi Guys, Phil from Indiana here...


I wanted to give you an honest picture, not one of those "suck in the gut" photos... I started at 210. I'm at 189 now on my way to 180. Here's what MicrobeFiber did for me... It took away my food cravings and I no longer eat at night. Now I have confidence to go all the way! I'm a natural skeptic but you have won me over. You have my complete 100% endorsement. Use my story and photos anyway you choose!


     20 LBS GONE!

Repairing my GERD.

I am a ticking time bomb with medical conditions that are worsening with the weight gain. The question is, how do I go about correcting my gut balance and gain the fiber, protein and healthy fats essential for a healthy diet?  My journey began with Microfiber... You see, I had a lap band procedure and after losing 100 lbs., I had NO energy and I couldn't keep food 

Gerd gone

down. I am now off my mash potato diet and enjoying foods like chicken, vegetables and even had my first adult beverage in years. Microbefiber is restoring my gut balance and for that I am for ever greatful.  I am gardening instead of watching TV or lazing in my chair until bedtime.  -Tina

I decided to try Microbefiber when I learned of it through Dr Alex White and all its health benefits. It's simple to do 3x a day [I add it to a glass of water - no taste!]. In two separate doctor's appointments prior to starting the fiber, my blood pressure was 155 and 152. I had another followup visit with my doctor about my blood pressure a WEEK after I started the fiber and was shocked to see it had gone down to a healthy 121 and has remained that way -- and I'm now finishing my 2nd month of taking it.


    I plan on continuing the program to remain healthy. I keep a small amount in my purse and even took some with me recently on a cruise - I never leave home without it! Thanks and continued success to you! Cathy

My name is Emily and you guys know me... I was in the clinical trial for MicrobeFiber. I want anyone who is thinking about taking this product to know, that it has changed my life! It worked in 2 areas for me. Weight loss and cholesterol! The first twenty pounds came off fairly quickly and that motivated me to go further. I'm currenly down 56 lbs and as I mentioned my cholestrol numbers have dramically improved along the way. I HIGHLY recommend MicrobeFiber!!

Cholesterol & Weight

I don't know why, but i'm always nauseous with a nervous stomache. My digestion isn't right and I needed help as I'm a busy college student and I really don't have time for this. I took it, felt great by the second week then re-ordered after I saw that it was working. Big mistake I made was allowing myself to run out. Problems returned. I've been out for 2 weeks and waiting for my new order now. Don't run out! Thanks, Kaitlyn 

   Digestion & Stomache 

My name is Cary, I am in medical software sales. I'm on my 3rd bag and the weight is coming off. Good enough for me!


Keep up the good work! 

     Weight Loss

I Love MicrobeFiber! I'm here showing my buddy the product at The Apple Store. I'm a musician working late nights and unfortunately I don't get to eat the way I would like to when on the road. I use MF for digestion & regularity. I don't leave town without it! 


Digestion & Regularity